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Produttore: FONA

Prezzo di vendita scontato:
Prezzo di vendita: 3190,00 €


Sensor sizes  0, 1, 2
Technology CMOS-APS (Active Pixel Sensor) with Low noise Cesium Iodide (CSI)scintillator
Sensor Shape Rounded corners for patient comfort
Sensor Activation  Always Ready
Sensor cable Exchangeable cable available in three lengths:·0,9m·        1,8m – pre-installed             2,7m
Connectivity USB 2.0
External dimensions Size 0: 32x24 mmSize 1: 38x25 mmSize 2: 43x31 mm
 Active sensor area Size 0: 24x18 mmSize 1: 30x20 mmSize 2: 36x25,6 mm
Software OrisWin DG Suite Operating system support Windows 8.1, Windows 7,Windows XP, Windows ME
Licenses up to 10 simultaneously running workstations in basic package
DICOM support Yes
Positioner Grip positioner suited for autoclaves or Single-use adhesive universalpositioner
Contents of the package* 1x Sensor of selected size with pre-installed 1,8m replaceable sensor cable1x Spare replaceable sensor cable 1.8 m and cable replacementaccessories1x Screwdriver1x Ring of Universal adhesive positioners5x Sampler 5 pcs of every color holder for Universal adhesive positioner100 pcs of Hygienic sheaths1x Wall mount1x Documentation*Software, USB Remote and USB cables to be ordered separately in countsneeded for the integration to the clinic.
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