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Tragbare portable dental Unit Wagen Zahnarzt + 1:1 motor and contrangle

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Prezzo di vendita: 2190,00 €


Dental Tragbare Delivery Unit Wagen  Luftkompressor Zahnarzt  Zahnarztstuhl

Delivery in 7 days with TNT !



The system ZK-DP13 is an electrical system completely independent for DENTIST ideal for mountain areas or training camps 

Easy to use easy to set up.

Ready for the trip.

Available with piezo ultrasonic scaler, LED curing light handpiece configurations of optical fibers. (Configuration already included)

Standard Features:

Dental Unit portable cords with 6 holes (2 units') 
3-way syringe 1pc 
Indipendent Suction  
Independent water supply 1set 
Independent oil-free compressor (580W) 1set 
Pedal   On/ Off

Ultrasonic Scaler Piezo Scaler ( included )
LED polymerisation (included)

Contrangle Blu Ring 1:1 + Microtor ( included )

Easy to carry with handle re

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