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Riunito Odontoiatrico Zahnarztstühle FONA 2000L ADVANCED dental Chair

Produttore: FONA

Prezzo di vendita scontato:
Prezzo di vendita: 11900,00 €






German design and engineering

Engineered by Award-winning German design company to meet highest ergonomic and safety standards. Integrated ErgoMotion and body contoured upholstery ensures the patient comfort. All instruments and controls are easy to reach in any treatment position.

Integrated hygiene solution

FONA’s hygiene package delivers a comprehensive feature bundle to protect dentist, patient and environment from cross-contamination. Permanent water disinfection, purge, sanitation and decoupling from city water are integrated into one hygiene solution.

Configuration freedom

Variety of configuration choices to meet your specific needs. The modular design concept allows configuring the FONA 2000 L treatment center according to your individual requirements thus making it fit perfectly into your practice.


In this action we present the ADVANCED  model with the following items included:


n . 1 modules for turbine handpiece with cord ;

n . 1 syringe three way Sirona SPRAYVIT spout easily removable and autoclavable ;

n . 1 modules micromotor Sirona SL ISO 40,000 rev / min , optical fiber , complete with cords ;

n . 1 Scaler EMS With LED

n . 1 Tablet or double tray ;

n . 2 Dentist Stool

n . 1 Multimedia KIT ( Camera and Monitor 17" )


n . 1 Led Curative Lamp 

Installation possible in all Europe ( ASK QUOTA )
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