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Lampe OP-Leuchte 200000 LUX - ZK-LED0303-1-de

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Features LED surgical light --- 180,000 LUX ZK -LED0303-1



1. Adopt a chip led as cold light source, greatly improves the work of the medical and environmental protection.

2. The improvements are energy saving, energy consumption, and that you have 'only 1/10 of incandescent lamp and 1/2 times the normal halogen lamp with the same brightness.

3. digital control system and brilliance are storable. It can be adjusted continuously as the color temperature of between 3500 to 5000k

4. The duration is 50 more than normal halogen bulb

5. Hollow high frequency, evenly lighting, high-definition, the light it emits is no UV rays.
Model No. ZK-LED0303-1
lighting 100,000+ 100,000 LUX
Remote Control YES
Color Temperature 3500-5000K
Spot diameter 300 mm
headlight range> 800 mm
Interventions to regulate light 1-9
Restore color index 95-98
Shadowless proportion 98%
LED life> 50000h
500-2000 mm working distance
Up Medical-head temperature power supply 110-240V; 50 / 60Hz
Minimum ceiling height 2400 mm
Battery back-up 12V optional
consumption 50W / 12V
package box Wood
Packing size 102 * 70 * 70 cm
net weight 80Kg
gross weight 95kg

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