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MÖBEL DENTAL Bernstein Tecnolam 200 cm + Servo und Waschbecken Keramik

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Prezzo di vendita: 1990,00 €

The soul Tecnolam: A mix of accuracy in the details and technical components Beware controls in the production phases Inspirations from modern and functional design.
Twenty years of experience in the design of furniture for dental offices have allowed us to create the heart of the offer Tecnolam.
Series of furniture designed for the most efficient organization of space, from the smallest to largest: turnkey solutions or custom designs to the smallest detail.
Warning: The offer applies only to mobile photography so configured:
These compositions are structured by:
- Sink right or left
- Drawers
- Servo Mobile
- Door with shelf
- Colored body and front: RAL 9016
- Handles: steel arch
- Laminate: white ceramic basin
You 'can get the price for each measure with any kind of material

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Every arrangement of furniture is designed based on the demands of the end user and plant rooms.
The coordination of our technical harmonises the technical solutions with the classic or modern style, preferred by dentist

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