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Intraorale Kamera Wireless WiFi ZK-SD-Karte

Prezzo di vendita scontato:
Prezzo di vendita: 390,00 €

In This Wireless Intraoral Camera has three signal outputs: VGA / VIDEO (RCA).

The camera can be recharged via its lithium battery.

Distance transmission of video can be up to 10 meters.

The receiver (docking) can be connected to any computer, TV, monitor or video capture device

E 'can take excellent pictures with its intraoral cavity autofocus and auto iris lenses.

The camera is fully able to store in its memory card up to 1000 photos in full screen mode. The stored images can be displayed and controlled via the control buttons on the camera.

The room features a removable memory SD CARD 2GB

Focus: 2 megapixel

Technical specifications:

Image Sensor: 1/4 Sony CCD

Output: VGA / Video (RCA) / SVGA

Lamp: 6 cps LED white (5600K)

Accumulation points: 3mm - 50mm

Viewing Angle: 105 °

Photo storage: Unlimited SD CARD according capaicita (Supplied 2 GB)

Signal Format: NTSC or PAL

Frequency: 5.8 GHz

Wireless Distance: more than 10m.

Power supply: Lithium battery 1600mA





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