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FONA X70 System Röntgenstrahlen Wand

Produttore: FONA

Prezzo di vendita scontato:
Prezzo di vendita: 1890,00 €

FONA X70 system by Sirona X-ray Wall

The salient characteristic of the system is the high energy capacity that is obtained by combining an electric potential of 70 kVp and an anodic current of 7 mA with a wide range of exposure times, from 60 ms to 3.2 seconds.

The ability of penetration of a radiation beam at 70 kVp allows to obtain sharp images with good radiographic contrast, therefore, a better perception of details. The timer microprocessor assures consistent impressionamento in a wide range of operating conditions, day after day, constant over the years, ensuring a high diagnostic quality in time.

The different configurations available provide mobile carts or wall fixings to wall, with extension arms short, medium, long or extra-long, with range of up to 208 cm.

The system AutoSet, controlled by a microprocessor, ensures the automatic setting of exposure time from 60 ms to 3.2 seconds, by means of the selection of the type of tooth and patient size; if necessary the operator can manually adjust the exposure time. Other features: touch keypad, digital display with the set values, automatic reduction of the dose for use with digital sensors, automatic correction for power fluctuations, protection against overheating of the pipe with the cooling process specific to minimize the waiting time , safety timer and additional service messages and different information for quick identification.



Type: tube with grid control

Power supply: 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Potential high voltage: 70 kVp

Anode current: 7 mA

Focal spot: 0.8 IEC 336/1982

Duty Cycle: 1/30

Inherent filtration:> 2.5 mm Al

Focus-skin distance: 21 cm

Collimator round: Field emission ø 6 cm

Rectangular collimator (optional): Field emission 3.2x4.2 cm

Weight: 6.5 kg

AutoSet timer

Power supply: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Microprocessor control

Load switching in power nothing

Automatic setting of exposure time using selection subject

Manual setting of exposure time from 60 ms to 3.2 s in 18 steps

Selection build patient (adult, child)

Setting low emission for digital sensors

Activation button with 3m cable clogging device

Automatic correction of power fluctuations

Timer secondary safety

Timing and availability of commando-button remote

Dimensions: width 15cm, height 24cm, depth 9cm

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