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ZK20 Epilierer IPL IPL Professional Beauty Center EPL haarentfernung

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The instrument is viewable at our showroom in Milan

Principle of operation:

E-LIGHT light ZK20 is a machine that Can destroy hundreds of hair roots quickly, safely and effectively at the same time.

Most machines IPL laser hair removal only offer only treatment techniques light.

THE Software panel touch screen in GERMAN language and developed according to regulation 50 J / cm2

Each pulse lasts less than a second causes a slight tingling sensation. In some sensitive areas, such as the upper lip. The impulse will feel 'like a slight sting. excess hair can be treated only during active growth. Creams are necessary for specific treatments

AFTER TREATMENT: The skin may be slightly sensitive red after treatment This disappears after a few hours.

RESULT :. The ZK20 ELIGHT is effective for all skin types hair blonde hair red gray hairs also can be treated.

This technique has been shown to be safe.

For most of the results, 5-7 treatments are required which will have to be repeated for various setiimane

The handset ELIGHT ZK20. The eneregia IntensePulsed light (IPL). Tanned patients with dark red hair, blond hair.

Designed in accordance with European CE mark and ISO it can be applied to any skin type

Screen Touch Screen mode 'BASIC and EXPERT of Use The MAIN funzonalita' of our machine are:

1. HR: hair removal
2. SR: Skin Rejuvenation
3. VR: therapy of vascular lesions
4. WR: Wrinkle Reduction
5. AR: acne scar treatment, pigmentation treatment

Technical parameters

Light Source: Intense Pulsed Light
Wavelength: 400-1200mm, 520-1200nm, 560-1200nm, 640-1200nm, 690-1200nm (optional)
Transfer system: sapphire
Density 'of energy: 0-26J / cm2 Under Law for Beauticians Energy density: 0-50J / cm2 Under Law for Physicians - This density should be requested. The act of providing order entry Register of MediciDimensione spot: we have three sizes for your choices, that '8 40mm, 12 50mm 15 50mm.
The number of pulses: 0-6 pulses (adjustable)
First pulse width: 0,1-10ms (adjustable)
Intermission: 5-99ms (adjustable)
pulse width: 0,1-10ms (adjustable)
Pause: 5-99ms (adjustable)
Screen: 8.4 'color touch screen.
Power consumption: 1000W
Cooling system: water cooling, semiconductor refrigeration
Power supply: 110 / 220V, 50 / 60Hz
Refrigeration: -3 + 5
Size: 55 42 cm
Weight: 35kg

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